GUESS WHO!?       Crowd: NEBULA!!!!   AHHHH!!!!     more crazy cheers   Hey guys!!!  So much has happened since I last posted, which, btw, it is SUMMER!!! For our last week of school, I had 2 field trips!!! The first was to….THE ZOOOOOO!!!  I was suuuuper excited, because that meant I got to see my favorite animal, THE GIRAFFE!!! When I was like, three, my dad, 4, took me to the zoo. When I was there, there was this thing called the giraffe bridge, where you would walk across this bridge and feed the giraffes. Well, when dad took me to the gift shop, I remembered the giraffe bridge, and during that time, 4 used to travel for work a lot. So I got two giraffes, one bigger than the other, and told dad he could take the little one and I could take the big one and it would be a daddy and a baby, so that way when he left we could always be together. So yeah, giraffes are VERY special to me so when I got to see one for the first time in years, I was EXTREMELY happy. I also got to see this thing called the Okapi, which looks like a horse with a deer head and a Zebra butt…they are actually pretty cool animals, as mixed up as they are! The next day after the Zoo, we went to Prime Time in Abilene, which is basically a huge Plex with Go-Karts, and XD theater, bumper cars, arcade games, and so much more!  On the second to last day of school, The power went out so the last day was cancelled. I was super bummed because I didn’t get to really say goodbye to my friends and teachers. So, while I am still on this subject, for those of you students and teachers reading this, have a great summer and I will see you next year! So 4’s b-day was Monday and we had a lot of fun! Ziva and a couple others threw a party for him, and we played Dn’D and  they picked out the most girly birthday cake the could find that was all pink and purple. The next night, 4 and I went fishing. I caught one really good fish and in the end we had a total of four. Now, you guys are probably waiting for the part where Nebula jacks something up and makes a total fool of herself. Well, HERE IT IS. After the fishing trip, we went to Walmart to pick up some groceries, like normal people, when we came across something. They had that display of car stereos, (You know, the wall with the car radios and you push the red buttons and you can play music.), and dad had been considering getting a new one. So he goes up to one of them and pushes the red button. It had something wrong with it and didn’t turn on. So after attempting turn up the volume, pressing the button again, and still getting the same results, I decided to show him a different one. As soon as I pushed the button, it blared so loudly you could hear it through the ENTIRE STORE. NO JOKE. NO EXAGGERATIONS. 4 and I screeched. 4 was repeatedly cursing and frantically hitting the button over and over trying to turn it off, while I was screaming and running around in a circle, still oblivious to what was happening. 4 was the first to actually think. Sorta. He grabbed my hand and told me to calmly go to the clearance isle. We half walked, half RAN to the clearance isle, and burst out laughing as we saw a bunch of employees rushing towards the stereos. So great. So stupid. So HILLARIOUS. Before I end this EXTREMELY long post, I did get a request to put a small piece of my Traumstella story, so here it is!  It had been over an hour and I was still sitting in the cold leather seat of the waiting room. Why was I still even here? I didn’t even know the kid! I just happened to find him! I picked at a scab on my knee, when a tall Asian looking woman in a white scrubs entered the room. I looked up as she came over and took a seat across from me. An awkward silence filled the space between us, until she finally spoke of in a honey smooth voice. “That kid you found has been missing for over a year now, can you tell me how you found him?” Suspicion was clear as day in her Carmel brown eyes. What did she think, a flimsy twelve year old kidnapped someone. After a long pause, I finally spoke. “Ask the people who just took him into the Emergency Room, I told them all I knew. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get going.” My foot was asleep, but I managed to stand up and start striding across the room towards the door. ” The police are going to want to talk to you,” she called after me, her voice suddenly having a steel edge. ” May I please have your address?” I stopped. Frick. I needed to find food AND talk to the police. Guess I’d have to deal with them later. If they found me. ” Tell them I don’t have an address.” I threw back. And I made my way out the door, and into the biting cold. Hoped you guys liked it! Thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…THE CROWN COMET!!!  P.S. You might not get this post for a while. I have not posted for a while so Miss Easter might not think I am going to post… oh well!


Guess who!?   Crowd: NEBULA!!! AHHHH!!!!       Hey guys!  There has been a lot going on! First off,  Beautiful Disaster moved (Long story.) and that’s why she is not posting. Chaos, (yup, picked an alias FOR YOU.) if you are reading this, we miss you back here at school and hope you enjoy you’re new town. Also, we will be making a plaque in honor of you and bring it to every book club meeting. It has been officially decided it will be called “The Page Turners”, and will be held every Monday from 3:00-4:30. Emo JellyBean’s (Writer of “Miracle Art”) mother will let us use her classroom. If you are ever visiting, Chaos, you are welcome to come. The first meeting will be July 3rd, bring your own book. Once again, we love you and miss you Chaos. Any way, you might notice a new wolf at the bottom of the page. 4’s (My father chose an alias) birthday is this month and in honor of him, i gave him his own animal! Happy B-day dad! Sooo….I have some VERY exciting news… I auditioned at the backdoor theater for the musical,13, and I GOT THE LEAD ROLE! I AM PATRICE!!! I am extremely happy!!! I love to act and i have been auditioning for shows for about 5 years! THIS IS MY FIRST LEAD!!! SO HAPPY!   Thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…THE CROWN COMET!!!


GUESS WHO!?       Crowd: NEBULA!   AHHHH!     more crazy cheers    Hey guys!   It has been  a while since I posted, Easter is over, so I took down my Easter widgets, but my Mascot, Stardust shall remain! This weekend, my family went to Rockwall  so my dad could try out for game wardens. Rebel wanted to go swimming so we got a hotel with a pool. when we got up the next morning, we were instantly in the pool.  We swam for a good 3 to 4 hours, until we picked up my dad to get lunch. Afterwards, Rebel still wanted to swim so we went back to the hotel. But something was wrong. No one was at the front desk to let us in. A house keeper walked by and told us to wait a minute. She said that they were trying to fix a leak upstairs before a little girl’s party started. Sure enough, a bunch of hotel workers were upstairs trying to stop a leak.  Finally, someone came down and let us into the pool. Rebel was wearing a swimsuit beneath her clothes, so as soon as we walked in, she jumped into the pool. I went to the bathroom to change. Before I could even start taking off my clothes, the fire alarm went off and they told us to evacuate. When we got out, water was pouring from the ceiling and a pipe was sticking through the roof…and the water was pouring onto the girl’s cake and presents! Apparently, one of the hot water pipes busted literally five minutes after the mother finished decorating, and so they called the fire department. Meanwhile, water was pouring onto all the computers and electronics, so they evacuated everyone to prevent accidents. And as we left the building, we noticed one of the house keepers taking one of those super small trashcans and putting it under one of the rivers of water, which sadly, did not work in her favor. Rebel was still soaked, and when we walked outside, we realized that a cold front had come in. So we drove around town, trying to figure out what to do. Finally, we passed the Rockwall Cinema! We saw a scary movie called “Phoenix Forgotten” in which I screeched the whole time. The. Whole. Time.  Afterwards, we walked around where I got to see a bunch of awesome prom dresses and change my mind about which was my favorite every 2 minutes. We got home late that night at 1:00 am. The next morning, I got up at 9:00am to start my reading assignment. The assignment was to create our own fantasy world. I named mine Traumstella, and it was a world in the stars where all the constellation heroes and legends. To get to Traumstella, you have to be a hero. Once again, I started my model at nine. I finished by 6:00 pm. Then, I started the story to go with it at 1:00 am. What was supposed to be 2 pages, ended as 18, and it was so long I couldn’t present it any way. That’s what happens when you procrastinate!  Yesterday, I had dance class. Ziva picked me up to take me to dance. I was the only one to show up, so Ziva decided to work me out a little. If you go to my school, you know what happens when I try to work out. It usually ends with “OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME”. Our first warm up was to put my leg on the top bar and keep it straight. The first thing that happened was a cry of pain. Ziva then asked if I would like to put my leg one bar down, and I immediately responded with, “I REFUSE. I WILL KEEP UP MY LEG. I. AM. NOT. A. WIMP.” I was a wimp.  I would put it up, and it would be crooked and in a very painful angle, so when I’d try to adjust, I would fall to the floor. Then we practiced our dance, where I literally fell to the floor and rolled everywhere. Ziva’s look of, “BLEACH PLEASE”, quickly changed to “Why do I even bother with this kid…”. YAY. You might have heard about Teacher’s benefit on other blog’s, or the Techy Tigers page. What you might not have heard about is the child who couldn’t work the mic. Our guest performer, Steven Staley (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) was performing his song. Before the performance, Mrs. Bigbie told us that if the mics weren’t working, that we needed to tap the bottom or screw the bottom tighter. It was my job to move his mic, so when it wasn’t working, it was my job to fix it. I went up there and I tapped the bottom, and went back to my place. It still didn’t work.  So I went back and screwed the bottom and went back. Still didn’t work.  I went back up and finally figured out the problem. THE MIC WASN’T ON. Because of all the problems, they had to restart the entire song.  GOOD JOB NEBULA.  If you guys want to hear a short little snip of my story about Traumstella, (NOT ALL EIGHTEEN PAGES), please tell me in the comments.   Thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…..THE CROWN COMET!!!

So…tired…MUST TYPE.

GUESS WHO!?    Crowd: NEBULA! AHHH!!!   more crazy cheers      Hey guys! This is a VERY tired Nebula, and I am hanging out with Rebel and another friend, (Yes, I have more than one friend) who has chosen the alias, Badger. Don’t ask why, because I have no clue, and it is much better than the Japanese name she originally chose (Yes, Badger is a she, did you really expect me, Nebula, to have a boyfriend yet?) that I couldn’t spell correctly. So, this morning I had to get up at 7:00AM (already a “WHY ME,” situation) so I could go to opening ceremonies for  Little League T-ball and sing the National  Anthem. So, after my complete panic on the baseball field, I went to T.H.O.R. to watch Rebel, 4, and Ziva have “fun” as they ran 3 miles, got covered from head-to-toe in mud, and jump into a dumpster full of ice. I refused to let any of them touch me. After that, Badger’s grandparents picked me up (which was slightly awkward because I did not know Badger would not be riding with us) and took me to the MPEC to see the Nighthawks at a football game! (Like I know anything about football). When we first got there, these kids were at the door selling little foam footballs. It was super loud, so when they asked if I wanted one I couldn’t hear them and asked them to repeat themselves. They said it again, and I still couldn’t hear them, but when I turned around Badger was leaving to find seats. I panicked, not knowing whether to run after them, or figure out what the boys were saying. So I turned to the boys and said, “UHHH……NO,” and ran after Badger. Later, it turned out we still needed those foam footballs, so we had to go back and buy some. After a very awkward conversation with the boys, we got 12 footballs and went out to throw the balls at a car to win a Xbox and other things. Once the car drove by, I still had four footballs left and in panic I threw one. It hit one of the cheerleaders. So I ran past a bunch of people giving me dirty looks back to my seat, where I received the joyful news that Badger could spend the night! I took her home and told her she could help me post. WORST. CHOICE. EVER. Now I have a grammar-freak looking over my shoulder and telling me every thing I do wrong. I TRY TO TELL HER I AM EXHAUSTED BUT SHE WONT STOP. Don’t worry guys! THIS POST WILL BE COMPLETELY CORRECT BECAUSE BADGER WON’T OVERLOOK A SINGLE THING. YES, I UNDERSTAND THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A COMMA AFTER, “Don’t worry guys,” AND I DON’T FREAKING CARE. I am now going to bed AND I DON’T CARE IF THERE ARE ANY MORE ERRORS. Thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…….THE CROWN COMET!!!


GUESS WHO!?   Crowd: NEBULA! AHHH!!!!      Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but things have been busy. So, today we learned how to get these widget animals! So, I got this super cute one and she is a wolf! I made her my favorite color and gave her a very spacey name! YAY FOR YOU STARDUST! I am planning on getting more pets, so if you guys can come up with anymore spacey names and put it in the comments, I would appreciate it. (That’s code for, GIVE ME MORE NAMES I AM OUT OF IDEAS.) Stardust is at the bottom of the screen, so you will have to scroll down to find her, but she is super adorable! Click the more tab on her little box and you can feed her! Thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…..THE CROWN COMET!!!


GUESS WHO!?     Crowd: NEBULA! AHHHH!!! more crazy cheers    Hey guys! So, I know this sounds lame since this is a blog, but I need your help. My little sister, Rebel, got a spacer today. For those of you who don’t know, (here comes my need to explain) a spacer is this mouthpiece used to push on the teeth and make more room so your teeth won’t grow in crooked. Rebel hates it. It gives her lisp and makes her really hard to understand, and makes it harder for her to eat. She is afraid that her classmates are going to make fun of her. I am going to interview miss Rebel, so you can kinda get her look on the situation.

Me: how do you feel about your spacer?  Rebel: It’s weird, but I feel a bunch of different emotions. They make me mad because they get annoying, I am happy because I know it will fix my teeth, but I am sad because I know people will make fun of me.      Me: What do you think would make your spacers better?   Rebel: I wish they would let me talk and eat easier. Then I would feel more comfortable…

So, here is where I need your help. We have all had things done that make us uncomfortable. Whether it’s those new glasses, braces, or sometimes even an eyepatch, we all have gone through the same thing, or will one day. But didn’t it feel great when that one person came by, and said something like “Oh, those look great on you!” or “Cool colors!”? There are many people who know my sister, from the stories I tell of her sleep talking and beating me down, or by meeting her (which is an experience you will never forget). If you have read this post, I want to you to post a supportive comment and end it with the tag #RebelRules please. I AM NOT FORCING YOU.  There is no time limit, like “you must post by next Monday” just a simple plea to please comment.  Thank you for reading miss Nebula’s…….THE CROWN COMET!!!



GUESS WHO!?       Crowd: NEBULA!!! AHHHHH!!!!    more crazy cheers  What’s up guys!? I am sorry, but I don’t have much to talk about today (Nebula is out of chatter!? WHAT!?) So I thought I would tell you a bit about my pupper dog, SHASTA! (No, I did not give my dog an alias.) Or at least that’s what I call her. My mom calls her many things that I am NOT going to put on this blog. When I adopted Shasta, we connected immediately. We both get hangry, we both shed, and we both have a thing for annoying my mother! But we soon learned another thing that we both have in common. We talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and TALK. The difference between her and I is she chooses to talk at 2 o’clock in the morning. SHE NEVER STOPS HOWLING. EVER. She also turned out to be very bossy, and every day, her and my mother get into VERY heated arguments which always ends with Shasta flinging her chunks of husky hair all over the living room, and storming away to her kennel. Mom thinks she digs holes in the backyard and pees on the floor just to spite her, but I say Shasta is a free spirit who should always follow her heart, even if it means peeing on the floor. But  as long as Shasta lives, she will always be a part of the family. No matter how much mom wants to murder her.   thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…….THE CROWN COMET!!! P.S. This is the closest picture to Shasta I could find.Shadow Rachel Macniven via Compfight

Fails, failures, and more FAILS

GUESS WHO!?       Crowd: NEBULA!!!! AHHH!!!! * more crazy cheering *    Hey guys! I am typing this up on the 21st but I can not promise you will get it today. My teacher has to be the one to post it. But either way, I typed it and YOU WILL LOVE IT. Anyway, after school my friend, who has chosen the alias “Ziva” (because that’s her dungeons and dragons name. Yes, she plays dungeons and dragons with me.), picked up my sister and I, who has chosen the alias “Rebel”, and took us to dance class! Ziva is actually the dance teacher and probably enjoyed her job before I joined last week! So, Ziva decided that today, she would teach us this super hard jump (probably because I can’t dance for my life) called a “Barrel Roll”. So I watch all my class mates do it beautifully and when its my turn and all the cheer in the room was sucked out. Ziva watches as I jump and flail my arms, and land beautifully into the wall. We spent I don’t know how long trying to teach me how to do a barrel roll, before she gave up. Then it was time to do a left sided barrel roll. That’s when Ziva stops me before I attempt, and tells me to practice my leaps. That’s code for, ” Nebula, stop barrel rolling and help me BLEACH MY EYES.” After dance, I went for a run with my father. IT WAS AWESOME!     Voice inside my head: TELL THE TRUTH!!!      OK, so maybe I died a little….BUT I AM WORKING ON IT! Soooo…..I have to go to bed but I will post again tomorrow! Thank you for reading miss Nebula’s………THE CROWN COMET!!!

Guess who!?     Crowd: NEBULA!!! AHHH! *more crazy cheers* I am back! It has been forever since I have  posted last! I am so sorry but I literally just figured out how to post cause Nebula is an idiot! Now that I have figured it out I swear by the stars I will post more frequently! YAY FOR MORE SPACE JOKES AND TERMS. Anyway, so much has happened since I last posted! I went to the Texas program, played Dungeons and Dragons (yes, Nebula is a nerd and plays dungeons and dragons every weekend. Now shut your face and get over it.) , I spent time with friends (YES. I HAVE FRIENDS.), made a year book, and so much more! I will fill you guys in on some of that later but today has to be a shorter post.  Crowd: AWWW! No Nebula jabbering?      Don’t worry guys! I’ll post tomorrow and I will jabber, talk about my failures in life, and all that other fun stuff!   Crowd: YAY!        But for today, I’ll end it here. Thank you for reading Miss Nebula’s……THE CROWN COMET!!!


Hello people of the Techy Tiger galaxy!  This is my first post and first blog! My name is Nebula……or that is what you can call me when communicating. I know it is strange, but putting any part of my real name on the web where THOUSANDS of people can see it feels just a bit……..unnerving. I know I am most likely going to have to get used to it, but what the heck, AS LONG AS IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. I have a feeling others are planning to use an alias too. ( For those of you who don’t know what an alias is, it is simply a fake name mostly used by authors.) OH GREAT, HERE COMES MY JABBERING. I JUST HAVE TO EXPLAIN EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. What am I doing with my life……OK THEN! Now that we have that AMAZING intro all typed up for my new blog, I might as well get the rest of my jabbering over with. Today I had to perform at The Chamber. They were serving baked potatoes, and so I was REALLY excited because it would be my first time eating one. Umm…..did you know baked potatoes are very hot AND they don’t taste like anything if you eat them plain and dry??? Did you know you have to cut them, NOT just grab them and try to eat it with your hands LIKE AN IDIOT? Good thing my teacher informed me of the last thing before I actually did it! Did you know Nebula has no common sense and fails at life every day??? I AM SUCH AN AMAZING PERSON!!! Thanks for reading Miss Nebula’s…….THE CROWN COMET!!!!!