Guess who!?     Crowd: NEBULA!!! AHHH! *more crazy cheers* I am back! It has been forever since I have  posted last! I am so sorry but I literally just figured out how to post cause Nebula is an idiot! Now that I have figured it out I swear by the stars I will post more frequently! YAY FOR MORE SPACE JOKES AND TERMS. Anyway, so much has happened since I last posted! I went to the Texas program, played Dungeons and Dragons (yes, Nebula is a nerd and plays dungeons and dragons every weekend. Now shut your face and get over it.) , I spent time with friends (YES. I HAVE FRIENDS.), made a year book, and so much more! I will fill you guys in on some of that later but today has to be a shorter post.  Crowd: AWWW! No Nebula jabbering?      Don’t worry guys! I’ll post tomorrow and I will jabber, talk about my failures in life, and all that other fun stuff!   Crowd: YAY!        But for today, I’ll end it here. Thank you for reading Miss Nebula’s……THE CROWN COMET!!!