GUESS WHO!?       Crowd: NEBULA!!! AHHHHH!!!!    more crazy cheers  What’s up guys!? I am sorry, but I don’t have much to talk about today (Nebula is out of chatter!? WHAT!?) So I thought I would tell you a bit about my pupper dog, SHASTA! (No, I did not give my dog an alias.) Or at least that’s what I call her. My mom calls her many things that I am NOT going to put on this blog. When I adopted Shasta, we connected immediately. We both get hangry, we both shed, and we both have a thing for annoying my mother! But we soon learned another thing that we both have in common. We talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and TALK. The difference between her and I is she chooses to talk at 2 o’clock in the morning. SHE NEVER STOPS HOWLING. EVER. She also turned out to be very bossy, and every day, her and my mother get into VERY heated arguments which always ends with Shasta flinging her chunks of husky hair all over the living room, and storming away to her kennel. Mom thinks she digs holes in the backyard and pees on the floor just to spite her, but I say Shasta is a free spirit who should always follow her heart, even if it means peeing on the floor. But  as long as Shasta lives, she will always be a part of the family. No matter how much mom wants to murder her.   thanks for reading miss Nebula’s…….THE CROWN COMET!!! P.S. This is the closest picture to Shasta I could find.Shadow Rachel Macniven via Compfight